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Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

The nose is the centre of the face. No hairstyle or make-up can conceal it. Unpopular noses are those considered too big, small, long, wide, pointed or crooked. Some patients are bothered by the hump on their nose bridge. Others find their nostrils too wide.

After an accident or fracture, the nose often seems asymmetrical. Located at the centre of our face, it constitutes a major part of our expression and appeal. Nose reshaping can consequently be the solution to many years of mental suffering, as a seemingly unsuitable nose shape can result in complexes and reduced self-esteem. The surgeon can narrow the nose and reshape its bridge, nostrils and nasal wings.

An ideally shaped nose is in perfect harmony with your face. Your individuality will be preserved.

Overview of the procedure

Pre-operative check-up

The pre-operative check-up complies with the European standard requirements within the framework of preparation for an anaesthetic.
Click here to download the protocol for the clinical report. Please print out a copy and bring it along with you to your local doctor, an internal specialist, who can enter the results of your haemogram, etc. The clinical report must not be older than 2 weeks.

The pre-operative check-up can be completely performed in the Czech Republic.


Minor corrections can be achieved by operating on the soft tissue of the nose. These are often performed to refine the lower part of the nose, especially the tip and columella.

Full nose reshaping involves the soft tissues as well as the solid structure of the nose. The soft tissue will be refined, while the bone and cartilage are shaped and repositioned through frontal and lateral osteotomy.

Closed rhinoplasty
The standard closed rhinoplasty involves making tiny incisions on the inside of the nose to enable the surgeon to achieve the perfect shape.

Open rhinoplasty
A small additional incision is made in the columella to make it more accessible. After partly freeing the structure of the nose, the bones and cartilages are shaped as required.

Procedure duration

1–2 hours.


General anaesthetic if operating on the bone structure; local anaesthetic if operating on the cartilage.


1-2 days.

Visit abroad

min. 4 days.


Aftercare will be provided approx. 7-8 days after surgery by a local doctor of your choosing. To avoid complications you should follow your doctor’s instructions.

We recommend a stay in Prague from 5-7 days. During this time you will have the opportunity at the clinic of your choice exercise daily after-care options.

Possible side effects

Swelling (10-14 days, haematomas).

To take into account before surgery

Discontinue use of aspirin 14 days in advance.
Reduce alcohol and nicotine consumption 2 weeks before and after surgery.
Nose reshaping can only be performed on those over the legal age and after puberty.

Recommended after surgery

Approx. 2 weeks of wearing a splint and bandage.
No glasses for 6-8 weeks.
No direct sunlight on the scars for 6-8 weeks.
No sport for 4-6 weeks (avoid dangerous sports for 12 weeks).

Healing process

Approx. 2 weeks until fully recovered.
Removal of nasal tampons after 1-2 days.
Removal of stitches after 10-14 days, after which you’re ready for everyday life and work.
Swelling subsides after 3-4 weeks.

Possible side effects

Injured tear duct, haematomas, infections around the wounded area, swelling within the treated area, impaired circulation and wound healing, scarring.

Ready to socialise

After approx. 2 weeks.

Durability of results

Visible and permanent results after 5-6 months.



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The price of a rhinoplasty in Prague includes:

  • Consultation with the plastic surgeon
  • The OP-procedure
  • General anaesthetics
  • Surgery performed by plastic surgeon of your choice
  • All medicines
  • Physiotherapy in Prague if needed
  • Thrombosis injection if required
  • All postoperative examinations
  • All food whilst at clinic
  • 24/7 Support line during your stay.

There will be extra charges for:

  • Flight
  • Accommodation (Hotel) for yourself & accompanying person
  • Transfers
  • Pre-operative examination: ECG, blood tests
  • Hospital stay 1 night at the clinic
  • Eat and drink outside the clinic
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