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Range of procedures: breasts

Please see below for information on breast augmentation as well as breast lifts and breast reduction.
Do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants should you have any further questions about a procedure.

  • Breast lifts and breast reduction
    Nature is unfair: it blesses some women with very small breasts and others with overly large ones. In both cases, diverging from the norm can lead to psychological issues. In addition, women with overly large and heavy breasts often suffer physical damage and pain.
    Further information on breast reductions and breast lifts >>>
  • Breast augmentation
    Every year, around 10,000 women in England lend nature a hand and undergo breast surgery. The intended ideals of femininity are symmetrical, firm and round. Unfortunately this often isn’t the case in reality. Too small, too large or saggy – few women are satisfied with their natural breasts.
    Further information on breast augmentation >>>
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