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Breast reduction and breast lift

Breast reduction and breast lift

Nature is unfair: it blesses some women with very small breasts and others with overly large ones. In both cases, diverging from the norm can lead to psychological problems. In addition, women with overly large and heavy breasts often suffer physical damage and pain such as neck and pain, which often leads to herniated discs or damage to the spine

Many women suffer from their overly large breasts simply by going to a public swimming pool, for example. They have to avoid many types of sport. Interacting with others can be influenced by inferiority complexes. Plastic surgeons free patients from their emotional burden by performing breast reduction.

If suffering from genetically-determined weak fascia, some women start to get saggy breasts at the age of 30. A breast lift can raise these and adjust the breast to one’s wish. Most women dream of well-shaped breasts that are in proportion to the rest of their body. Any asymmetry can be compensated with the help of plastic surgery.

Overview of the procedure

Do not undergo surgery if …

Your skin is too thin, or there is a history of breast cancer in your family.

Pre-operative check-up

The pre-operative check-up complies with the European standard requirements within the framework of preparation for an anaesthetic.
Click here to download the protocol for the clinical report. Please print out a copy and bring it along with you to your local doctor, an internal specialist, who can enter the results of your haemogram, etc. The clinical report must not be older than 2 weeks.

The pre-operative check-up can be completely performed in the Czech Republic.


Before surgery the responsible surgeon will mark the area where the incisions will be made. These incisions will then be made and some of the skin and excess glandular tissue and adipose tissue removed. The nipples will be moved upwards. The skin beneath the nipples will then be drawn together again and the breasts gain their new shape.

The surgeon will place very fine drains to remove excess fluid before closing up the wound completely. These drains will be removed after a few days.
Immediately after surgery, a compression bandage will be applied.


  • Proceeding vertically downwards and around the nipple.
  • Proceeding vertically downwards, around the nipples and in an L-shape (reverse) to the sides.
  • Proceeding vertically downwards, in a T-shape (upside down) and around the nipples (for those with severely saggy breasts).

    Procedure duration

    2-3 hours.


    General anaesthetic.


    Breast reduction: 3 days.
    Breast lift: 2 days.

    Visit abroad

    5-7 days.


    Aftercare will be provided approx. 10-14 days after surgery by a local doctor of your choosing. To avoid complications, you should follow your doctor’s instructions.

    We recommend a stay in Prague from 5-7 days. During this time you will have the opportunity at the clinic of your choice exercise daily after-care options.

    Possible side effects

    Swelling of the breasts.

    To take into account before surgery

    Discontinue use of aspirin 14 days in advance.
    Reduce alcohol and nicotine consumption 2 weeks before and after surgery.
    Shed any overweight through dieting (losing weight directly after surgery can lead to saggy breasts again).

    Recommended after surgery

    Compression dressing for 4-6 days.
    Compression bra for 4-6 weeks.
    No direct sunlight on the scars for 6-8 weeks.
    Use a special moisturiser to treat the scars.
    No sport for 6 weeks.

    Healing process

    2 weeks until fully recovered.
    Removal of drains after 1-3 days.
    Removal of stitches after 10-20 days if not self-dissolving, after which you are ready for everyday life and work.

    Possible complications

    After-bleeding, haematomas, swelling, thrombus, sensitivity around the nipples, infections.

    Ready to socialise


    Durability of results

    Ideal results after approx. 4 months.
    The results of breast reduction are permanent, though the natural ageing process, pregnancy and breastfeeding can compromise the results over time.



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    The price of a breast lift, breast reduction or breast lift (incl. augmentation) in Prague includes:

    • Consultation with the plastic surgeon
    • The OP-procedure
    • Round implants (Polytech) at breast lift with augmentation
    • General anaesthetics
    • Surgery performed by plastic surgeon of your choice
    • All medicines
    • Physiotherapy in Prague if needed
    • Thrombosis injection if required
    • All postoperative examinations
    • All food whilst at clinic
    • 24/7 Support line during your stay.

    There will be extra charges for:

    • Flight
    • Accommodation (Hotel) for yourself & accompanying person
    • Transfers
    • Pre-operative examination: ECG, blood tests, Mammography or Ultrasonic
    • Hospital stay 2 nights at the clinic
    • Compression garments
    • Eat and drink outside the clinic


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