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Eye bag removal and eyelid reshaping

Eye bag removal and eyelid reshaping

Even the most beautiful of faces loses some expression if the eyes no longer sparkle. They are the windows to our soul. Sparkling eyes are a major part of our appeal. The problem is that between the ages of 30 and 60, the skin and tissues lose their elasticity – particularly the thin skin around the eyes.
The eyelids become hooded and eye bags form.

Too much sun, stress or a genetic disposition can encourage the ageing process. Sagging lids lead to a tired expression. The whole facial appearance seems sad and aged.

Eyelids and eye bags can be corrected at reasonable expense. The aim of this procedure is to remove excess skin and lift the lids. The eye area is rejuvenated by about 10 years. The functionality of restricted vision can also be restored with the help of eyelid reshaping.

Overview of the procedure

Pre-operative check-up

The pre-operative check-up complies with the European standard requirements within the framework of preparation for an anaesthetic.

Local anaesthetic: basic haemogram incl. blood clotting factor
General anaesthetic: comprehensive haemogram plus ECG.
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to download the protocol for the clinical report.

Your local doctor or an internal specialist can perform the pre-operative check-up. The clinical report must not be older than 2 weeks.

The pre-operative check-up can be completely performed in the Czech Republic.


Before surgery, the operating doctor will mark the areas of excess skin.
If performing eye bag removal, the incision will be made below the lower lash line. If performing eyelid reshaping, the incision will be made in the lid’s natural skin fold. Sometimes the incisions will be extended if crow’s feet are also to be removed.

Transconjunctival blepharoplasty
In some cases, it is possible to remove eye bags without a visible skin incision. This procedure is internal and can only be performed to remove eye bags without any excess skin.

After surgery, the incisions are stitched up intracutaneously to achieve the best results.

Procedure duration

1-1.5 hours per eye.


Local anaesthetic or twilight sleep.


Outpatient or inpatient (1 night).

Visit abroad

3 days.


Aftercare will be provided approx. 7-8 days after surgery by a local doctor of your choosing. To avoid complications you should follow your doctor’s instructions.
We recommend a stay in Prague from 5-7 days. During this time you will have the opportunity at the clinic of your choice exercise daily after-care options.

Possible side effects

Swelling, haematomas.

To take into account before surgery

Reduce alcohol and nicotine consumption 2 weeks before and after surgery.
Discontinue the use aspirin 14 days in advance.
Inform your doctor of any possible allergies.

Recommended after surgery

No direct sunlight on the scars for 6-8 weeks.
No sport for 2 weeks.
Do not wear contact lenses for approx. 2 weeks.

Healing process

Approx. 1 week until fully recovered.
Removal of compresses after a short time.
Cooling gel glasses will help reduce swelling (use 3-5 days).
After 2-3 days, you can read and watch TV.
Swelling decreases after 1 week.
Removal of stitches after 7-10 days, after which you’re ready for everyday life and work.
Able to apply make-up after approx. 1 week.

Possible complications

Rare cases of irritated conjunctiva or cornea, haematomas, swelling, infection of the wound, scarring, overcorrection, dryness of eyes.

Ready to socialise

After 8-10 days.

Durability of results

Visible results after 2-3 months.
The procedure leads to permanent results, though due to the natural ageing process, further surgery may be advisable after 10 years.



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The price of a eyelid reshaping & eye bag removal in Prague includes:

  • Consultation with the plastic surgeon
  • The OP-procedure
  • local anaesthetics
  • Surgery performed by plastic surgeon of your choice
  • All medicines
  • All postoperative examinations
  • 24/7 Support line during your stay.

There will be extra charges for:

  • Flight
  • Accommodation (Hotel) for yourself & accompanying person
  • Transfers
  • Pre-operative examination: blood tests
  • Eat and drink outside the clinic
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