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Facelift, forehead lift, neck lift

Facelift, forehead lift, neck lift

Though you cannot preserve your youth permanently or regain it, you can revitalise your appearance.
From the age of 30, you will often begin to feel your skin already slackening. The musculature goes slack, the adipose tissue and skin slip slowly, the cheeks begin to hang, the contours appear shrunken, and all too frequently, a deep wrinkle develops between the nose and the corners of the mouth.

From the age of 40, plastic cosmetic surgery can turn the clock back up to 10 years with the help of a facelift. The contradiction between your inner mental state and outer appearance can be overcome with a facelift. Your aged appearance will be adjusted to your youthful, fresh mind. A facelift tightens the musculature, while the skin and adipose tissues are returned to their original position.

Aim: To rejuvenate your appearance by up to 10 years with the help of modern facelift techniques.
Your individual facial contours will be preserved in doing so.

Overview of the procedure

Pre-operative check-up

The pre-operative check-up complies with the European standard requirements within the framework of preparation for an anaesthetic.
Click here to download the protocol for the clinical report. Please print out a copy and bring it along with you to your local doctor, an internal specialist, who can enter the results of your haemogram, etc. The clinical report must not be older than 2 weeks.

The pre-operative check-up can be completely performed in the Czech Republic.


Forehead lift
The incision is made from ear to ear along the hairline. Besides the tissue, the musculature is usually freed as well. This allows worry wrinkles to also be eliminated.

Endoscopic (“key hole”) surgery can be performed where appropriate.
An endoscope is inserted via tiny, inconspicuous incisions behind your hairline and a monitor used to prepare the tissues. Wrinkles can be smoothed, eyebrows repositioned. Patients recover extremely quickly. Given that the incisions are made behind the hairline, the scars are lost beneath your hair.

Midface lift using SMAS techniques
An SMAS facelift involves tightening the deep layers of tissue and shallower muscles separately. This promises optimal results as a mask-like appearance can be avoided.

The face’s individual expressions and dynamism are preserved over an extended period of time. Starting from the temples (approx. 5 cm behind the hairline), the incision proceeds along the front of the ear, ending behind it in the neck area.

Minimal access cranial suspension (MACS) lift
The MACS technique involves lifting the skin within the cheek area but not the deeper tissues and musculature. This procedure is often performed on younger patients.

Neck lift
During this procedure, the surgeon uses the SMAS technique to lift the cheek and neck areas. An additional incision is often required beneath the chin during this procedure to correct visible ligaments. This leads to a slimmer silhouette.

Autologous stem cell-enriched fat grafting (Puregraft)
Fat is obtained during liposuction (e.g. of the stomach and waist). After processing the adipose tissue in a special laboratory, it is re-injected into wrinkles around the nose and mouth. This procedure offers permanent results, retaining up to 80% of the newly-acquired volume. Particularly minor to medium-sized wrinkles around the nose and mouth can be reduced using this non-invasive technique without having to make any incisions.
Specialists: Dr. med. Peter Chovan and Dr. med. Andrea Musilova

Surgery combinations

Forehead lift, eyelid reshaping, neck lift, chemical peeling, dermabrasion, botox, CO2 laser treatment, upper lip.

Procedure duration

3-5 hours.


General anaesthetic.


Inpatient, 1-3 days.

Visit abroad

3-4 days.


Aftercare will be provided approx. 10-14 days after surgery by a local doctor of your choosing. To avoid complications, you should follow your doctor’s instructions.

We recommend a stay in Prague from 5-7 days. During this time you will have the opportunity at the clinic of your choice exercise daily after-care options.

Possible side effects

Swelling, a feeling of tension behind the ears, haematomas, slight indurations of freed tissue, numbness in the incision areas.

To take into account before surgery

Discontinue the use of aspirin 14 days in advance.
Avoid direct sunlight 2-3 weeks before surgery.
Reduce alcohol and nicotine consumption 2 weeks before and after surgery.

Recommended after surgery

No direct sunlight on the scars for 8 weeks.
No sport for 4-6 weeks.
Do not go in a sauna or steam bath for a few months.

Healing process

2 weeks until fully recovered; avoid any physical stress in this time.
Removal of head bandage after 1-3 days.
Removal of drainages after 1-2 days.
Removal of stitches after 12-14 days.

Possible complications

Haemorrhaging, injured nerves, skin injuries, post-operative haemorrhaging, tense skin, overcorrection.

Ready to socialise

After 2-3 weeks. In most cases, you can return to work after 2 weeks.
Make-up can be applied after approx. 1-2 weeks.
Do not dye or perm your hair for 6 weeks after surgery.

Durability of results

Modern facelifts essentially lead to permanent results, though the ageing process will not be halted. The rejuvenating effect diminishes naturally over the years. Another facelift may therefore be advisable after 7-15 years.Modern facelifts essentially lead to permanent results, though the ageing process will not be halted. The rejuvenating effect diminishes naturally over the years. Another facelift may therefore be advisable after 7-15 years.



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The price of a facelift in Prague includes:

  • Consultation with the plastic surgeon
  • The OP-procedure
  • General anaesthetics
  • Surgery performed by plastic surgeon of your choice
  • All medicines
  • Physiotherapy in Prague if needed
  • Thrombosis injection if required
  • All postoperative examinations
  • All food whilst at clinic
  • 24/7 Support line during your stay.

There will be extra charges for:

  • Flight
  • Accommodation (Hotel) for yourself & accompanying person
  • Transfers
  • Pre-operative examination: ECG, blood tests
  • Hospital stay 2 nights at the clinic
  • Compression garments
  • Eat and drink outside the clinic
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