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Dr. Peter Ondrejka

Aesthetic surgery is understood to be procedures that are performed to enhance your physical appearance. One of plastic surgeons’ key medical tasks is to advise patients correctly. They must determine the operability, i.e. whether the desired procedure is fundamentally viable.

The potential risks must also be assessed: which complications can arise and how high is the probability of success? It is not without reason that particularly detailed explanations are required for this type of surgery, for the patient’s decision to have the operation is a very personal one.

The aesthetic aspect is of course borne in mind in all plastic surgery procedures.
Form and function always go hand in hand.

Beautymax’s specialists bear this medical responsibility. Our surgeons’ national and international qualifications, professional expertise and years of experience allow them to cater to your needs and wishes individually and personally.

All beauty surgeons in our portfolio are qualified plastic surgeons (those who perform LASIK procedures have been specially trained in refractive surgery).

Specialists booked through us will conduct a detailed consultation with you prior to the operation to discuss the procedure, desired aims, possible risks and alternatives.

Our surgeons speak either English or German. In the event that a doctor does not speak German, a German-speaking assistant will be present throughout the entire consultation.

The Czech professional title ‘plastic surgeon’:Admission requirements are strict in the Czech Republic. Czech beauty surgeons must have practised under the supervision of experienced doctors in their specialist field of plastic and aesthetic surgery for four years before they are permitted to take the Czech Medical Association’s examination.Before this, they must have successfully completed a six-year medical degree with a specialisation in general surgery and have gained theoretical and practical experience by working as a PhD student for two years.The German professional title ‘plastic surgeon’:It is hard to find the ideal plastic surgeon in Germany. In fact, there are not any specialists in plastic surgery. The ‘plastic surgeon’ professional title is not protected. Doctors specialising in various different fields offer a variety of aesthetic treatments and procedures.Professional titles such as ‘plastic surgeon’ and ‘cosmetic surgeon’ can be misleading. Only the term “Specialist for/in …” is protected.


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