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FAQ – Tummy tuck

Is it possible to undergo a tummy tuck as an outpatient?
A tummy tuck is one of the most elaborate and stressful cosmetic surgeries, and requires intensive preparation and aftercare. The procedure can take up to 3 hours and must be performed in a clinic.

Will I always need a general anaesthetic?
The classic abdominoplasty including a muscular lift needs to be performed under general anaesthetic. The mini abdominoplasty can be performed using local anaesthetic.

Is it possible to remove stretch marks with a tummy tuck?
Yes, if they are located in the lower abdominal area. Women with connective tissue weakness within the excess skin area often get so-called stretch marks. If undergoing a tummy tuck, parts of the excess skin underneath the navel will be removed. In most cases, this causes the stretch marks to disappear. If some marks are located above the navel, they can be treated separately using a laser (not in combination with a tummy tuck). The skin will improve and the marks will be smoothened even if they can’t be eliminated completely.

Can I get pregnant again afterwards?
Of course you can! However your abdominal area may well be stretched again and the effect of the tummy tuck reversed.

Is this procedure partly or fully covered by health insurance?
It generally isn’t. However some private health insurance companies will cover parts of the procedure such as a muscular lift and the treatment of torn muscles that may occur with overly stretched abdomens. This as well as the costs for the clinic and anaesthetic often account for most of the bill. Patients are advised to undergo a thorough pre-operative check-up and to submit an estimate based on the findings from this.

How long do the results last?

A tummy tuck is essentially permanent, though ageing and subsequent pregnancies may have a natural impact on the results.

Are there going to be noticeable scars?
Classic abdominoplasty uses a horizontal incision along the upper end of the pubic bone. It is important to discuss your preferred type of underwear to adjust the incision as best possible. In most cases, it is possible to fully conceal the stitches with your underwear/swim wear afterwards.

What is a mini abdominoplasty?
If undergoing a mini abdominoplasty the surgeon, will remove a strip of skin and tissue below the navel. The muscular tissue won’t be affected. The position of the navel will be retained. A mini abdominoplasty is ideal for light to medium-weight patients who suffer from stressed, stretched and wrinkled skin but do not have any weight issues.

What happens to the navel?
If undergoing a mini abdominoplasty, the navel’s original position is retained. If undergoing an extended abdominoplasty, which involves the removal of excess adipose tissue, lifting of the muscular tissue and removal of excess skin, the navel will be removed and subsequently reattached in a natural position.

Can the navel also be lifted?
The adolescent navel appears more vertically rounded whereas the aged navel tends to be more horizontally stretched. The adolescent shape of the navel may not be fully recovered, but usually the navel gains a more appealing, rounder shape than before.

Is it possible to combine liposuction and a tummy tuck?
Yes. A tummy tuck is often combined with liposuction in the neighbouring areas such as the thighs and hips or the upper abdomen to achieve better results. Liposuction of separate areas must be discussed with the responsible surgeon beforehand.

Would liposuction on the abdominal area be sufficient?
This question must be discussed individually with our specialist. Generally, less risk and lower costs also mean less effective results. Our specialist will advise you confidentially on the ideal treatment. Please be reminded that unlike women, most men have fat stored beneath the muscular tissue in the abdominal area. As a consequence, liposuction may not have the desired effect.

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