Beautymax – Ihr Schönheitsmakler

The booking procedure

Plastic surgery should be considered at length and planned extremely carefully. Your desired result should be realistic, and you should aim for a natural enhancement that suits your overall appearance.

Beautymax will support you on your journey, and provide competent, individual, objective and confidential advice.

You can rely on us to do our best to provide you with all the necessary information, and to support you in every phase of your cosmetic procedure.

Cosmetic surgery is a matter of trust …

Beautymax is the official representative of European specialist clinics of cosmetic & aesthetic surgery in England, Scandinavia, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Beautymax offers a comprehensive range of procedures, which are performed by national and international specialists – for rates that are considerably more favourable than in England.

A list of Beautymax’s specialists and clinics

Cosmetic surgery

  • Dr. Peter Ondrejka – Private Clinic Prague1 / Czech Republic
  • Dr. Peter Chovan – Private Clinic Prague2 / Czech Republic
  • Dr. Andrea Musilova – Private Clinic Prague2 / Czech Republic
  • Dr. Josef Kulhanek – Private Clinic Prague1 / Czech Republic
  • Dr. Michal Puls – Private Clinic Prague1 / Czech Republic

Organising and booking a surgery appointment

  1. Patients must undergo a blood test and ECG to confirm their suitability for surgery. Blood work can be performed at the clinic and your suitability for surgery verified by one of the clinic's internal medicine specialists.

    The following pre-operative check-ups will be documented in Prague:
    Haemogram + differential diagnosis
    Sodium, potassium, calcium
    Urea, creatinine
    PTT, Quick
    Blood sugar
    Urine: chemical and sediment analysis

    In addition, a breast surgery an ultrasound (sonography) in Prague are carried out.
    The complete pre-operative check-ups can be conducted in the Czech Republic.

    The necessary pre-operative check-ups can vary depending on the clinic you choose to visit. You will be informed in due time as soon as you have decided on one of our clinics.

    The pre-operative medical check-up complies with the European standard requirements within the framework of preparing for an anaesthetic.

    If you want to perform the tests in your hometown, you will receive a protocol sheet for the clinical report for anesthesia preparation. This can be completed by your family doctor, internist or gynecologist.

  2. Make an appointment today by contacting one of our consultants by telephone on (+44) (0)87 0182 1812 or via email at You can also take advantage of our free call-back service.

    • Please return the completed and signed contract to us via email or fax once you have decided on one of our Beautymax clinics.

      Please read our terms and conditions first.
      Click here to download the contract and our terms and conditions. You can print them out yourself, or order a copy via email or fax. This contract is binding for all parties.

    • Once the signed contract has been returned, we will ask you to make a down payment of £ 280 (€ 350) within 14 days to the following account:

      Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822
      SWIFT code: HELADEF1822
      IBAN: DE52500502010200296833
      Reference: first and last name

      Only after receiving your down payment can an appointment be arranged. The outstanding sum must be paid before surgery but after you have had your consultation. For only after making the final decision to undergo the procedure is a contract concluded between you and the surgeon.

      The expenses for hospitalisation, the limousine service, lab tests, compression garments, compression bras and the hotel room are to be paid locally.
    • Your trip will be organised as soon as your appointment has been scheduled. Once organisation has been completed, you will receive written confirmation with all the necessary trip information (dates, addresses, telephone numbers, costs, etc.).

      You will additionally receive general travel information about the Czech Republic and an anaesthesiology protocol sheet that the anaesthetist will require. The latter must be completed and brought with you to your appointment.

    • Should you be unable to make your appointment, a new one can be arranged within six months without having to make another down payment.

      Appointments must be rescheduled at least 30 days in advance, otherwise we will have to take the down payment of £ 280 (€ 350) as a cancellation fee.

    • You must advise us in writing of your cancellation by email or fax.

    • Should you cancel a rescheduled appointment again, we will have to keep your down payment as a cancellation fee.
    • Should you reschedule your appointment before making the down payment, the latter will be due within ten days. You can reschedule your appointment within six months at no extra charge.

    • Should the pre-operative check-up in the Czech Republic reveal that you are unable to undergo surgery, or you decide against the procedure for personal reasons, we will not charge you a cancellation fee. We will refund your down payment.

      We will merely charge you £ 80 (€ 100) for the consultation.

    • The information provided as well as any advice or recommendations given by Beautymax are based solely on previous experience with the cooperating specialists and clinics. Our consultations and recommendations are of a general and informational nature; these cannot replace a specific, individual medical consultation.

      Only the responsible surgeon can answer questions of a medical nature.

      Beautymax assumes no liability whatsoever either for the medical performance of the surgeons and clinics recommended, or for the trip itself and accommodation.

      Please consult your family doctor or a specialist should you have any further medical questions.

    • Butzbach, Hesse (Germany) is the sole place of jurisdiction.

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      email to beautymaxgi to mediago to inquiry