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The cosmetic surgery

During your first appointment with one of Beautymax’s consultants, you will be provided with basic information on the desired surgery, clinic and specialist, as well as on organisational matters. Every single client and conversation is treated personally, confidentially and competently.

Our consultants are trained professionals, who know exactly what is important to you as a patient.

We will gladly provide you with our detailed information pack via email – free of charge and with no obligation.

Decision for surgery

Decision for surgery

Once you have decided on a clinic and a surgeon, you can download the contract and our terms and conditions. Please complete and sign the contract before sending it back to us by post or fax.
Every Beautymax surgeon is a specialist in plastic surgery with countless years of experience – highly qualified to cater to your needs.

In some cases, taking pictures of the current state of the area(s) to undergo a procedure may be advisable.
This will allow the surgeon to calculate the actual costs and to confirm your desired procedure. Your Beautymax consultant will advise whether pictures are necessary.

Please send the pictures via post or email. We will forward them confidentially to your surgeon of choice for a preliminary assessment.

All personal data you send us will be treated personally and confidentially.
This information will only be forwarded to the responsible surgeon and not to any third parties.

Arranging your appointment

Arranging your appointment

Please call to arrange your appointment. Depending on the clinic, specialist and time of year, you may have to wait 2 to 6 weeks. We will check the availability of your chosen date and identify alternatives if necessary. Our consultant will contact you should an earlier appointment become available.

Please allow at least 3 days for your beauty trip:
Day 1: Arrival
Day 2: Preliminary check-up + consultation + surgery + clinic stay
Day 3: Post-operative examination and discharge from hospital.

If undergoing major operations, such as a lift, hospitalisation for a minimum of 2 days may be necessary. The duration of your stay abroad will therefore increase to minimum 4 till 6 days.

To ensure an optimal recovery, we recommend staying a further 2 - 4 days in a hotel in Prague and daily post-operative care in the clinic. Aftercare in the clinic in Prague is included in the prices of the Super Care service package.

Once your appointment has been confirmed, we recommend booking the hotel room(s) for you and any accompanying person for the day of arrival. Beautymax is also happy to assist here should you so wish. We cooperate with hotels located closely to our partner clinics, allowing you to reach the clinic comfortably on foot.

Appointments are available on the following days:

  • Days of surgery – Dr. Puls in Prague:
    Tuesday, Wednesday
  • Days of surgery – Dr. Kulhanek in Prague:
    Friday, Saturday
  • Days of surgery – Dr. Musilova in Prague:
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (local anaesthetic)
  • Days of surgery – Dr. Ondrejka in Prague:
    Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  • Days of surgery – Dr. Chovan in Prague:
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Activate your appointment: Down payment & money transaction

Activate your appointment: Down payment & money transaction

Once the contract has been concluded, the patient shall transfer a down payment of UK£ 280 (€ 350) and within 14 days to the following account:


Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822
IBAN: DE52500502010200296833
Reference: first and last name

Only after receiving your down payment can an appointment be arranged.

Appointment Confirmation

Appointment Confirmation

Your trip will be organised as soon as your appointment has been scheduled. Once organisation has been completed, you will receive e-mail confirmation with all the necessary trip information (clinic dates, address, telephone numbers, costs, etc.).

You will additionally receive general travel information about the Czech Republic and a medical history questionnaire that the anaesthetist will require. This protocol sheet must be completed and brought with you to your appointment.

Laboratory findings and preparing for surgery

Laboratory findings and preparing for surgery

Comprehensive blood tests and an ECG can be performed in Prague to confirm your suitability to undergo surgery.

The pre-operative medical check-up complies with European standards. The cost of these check-ups are not included in the treatment package. You have to pay additional £ 150 (€ 175) at your chosen clinic.

When undergoing breast surgery, it may also be necessary to undergo an ultrasound or mammography at the clinic.

Patients over the age of 50 may need to undergo additional preliminary check-ups to confirm their suitability for surgery. Further details are available from a Beautymax consultant.

Please note that …

  • You should reduce alcohol and nicotine consumption two to three weeks before surgery.
  • You should discontinue use of any anticoagulant medication containing acetylsalicylic acid (e.g. aspirin), amber or enzyme preparation two weeks before surgery.
  • You should not have any infections on the day of surgery.
  • If taking any antibiotics, treatment should been completed a minimum of two weeks before surgery

Arrival in Prague

Arrival in Prague

We recommend you book your flights and hotel accommodation in the Czech Republic latest after activating the appointment for your procedure. Our contractual partner’s booking tool can be used to search for the most suitable flights to Prague, and for an affordable hotel close to your chosen clinic.

We have pre-selected several conveniently-located hotels in the booking tool to facilitate your search for an appropriate hotel, guaranteeing you the shortest possible distance to your chosen clinic. Our consultants are on hand to advise should you require assistance arranging accommodation using the booking tool.

Should you wish, our consultants can reserve hotel accommodation for you (and your companion) from our small portfolio of contractual hotels.

Please ask for details of the current conditions at the Beautymax contractual hotels.

Patients and their companions usually stay at a hotel or guest house the night before surgery. A stay at the clinic prior to your procedure is unfortunately not possible.

A chauffeur service to pick you up from Ruzyne Airport in Prague and take you directly to the hotel or clinic can be booked through us for an additional fee.


Consultation with the surgeon

Consultation with the surgeon

Please prepare well for your consultation.
We advise jotting down any questions you may have, or bringing along a checklist so that nothing crucial is forgotten.

Our specialists are professionals, who will answer your questions very precisely. The surgeon will take as long as necessary to answer any questions about the procedure, the risks and the results.

The consultation will take place on the day of surgery.
You should then make a final decision as to whether you wish to undergo surgery or not.

Should you doubt your decision to undergo surgery after the consultation and no longer wish to go through with it, we will refund your down payment but retain a consultation fee of £ 80 (€ 100).

Should the surgeon decline your case because of enhanced risk or unrealistic wishes on your part, you will also be refunded your down payment minus the £ 80 (€ 100) consultation fee.

Insofar as you agree with everything, you will then pay the outstanding sum (incl. fees for your hospital stay, compression garments, etc.) directly to the responsible doctor either in cash (Pound Sterling, Euros, Swiss Franc) or by credit card (Visa, MasterCard). You will receive a statement detailing the outstanding sum.


Day of surgery

Day of surgery

On your day of surgery, you must come to the clinic entirely sober at the arranged time. You will be met by the ward sister and taken to the ward to be prepared for surgery. You will also be assigned a room.

Do not eat and drink huge amounts in the last six 6 hours before surgery. You should not smoke, or consume coffee or alcohol.

Please arrive without any make-up and nail varnish on. The anaesthetist can ascertain your general condition based on your skin colour. This will tell them whether they need to adjust the anaesthetic. Contact lenses, hairpieces and other personal effects (e.g. jewellery, watch) should also be left at the hotel. Patients are alternatively able to store personal items in the lockable cupboard in their room at the clinic.

The high degree of expert competence of all Beautymax doctors in addition to the use of state-of-the-art equipment and techniques ensure gentle treatment and a high level of safety.


Post-operative check-up / aftercare / recovery

Post-operative check-up / aftercare / recovery

The post-operative check-up will be conducted on the day you are discharged from the clinic. Afterwards you will be given your surgery protocol as well as the implant pass (should you have undergone breast enlargement).

Particularly those to have undergone major surgery such as a tummy tuck, breast lift, liposuction on several areas, facelift, eyelid reshaping or a combination of treatments are advised to spend a few days recovering in a local hotel before leaving Prague and to plan for daily post-operative care in the clinic.

Follow-up post-operative care can be provided by your chosen doctor (family doctor, gynaecologist, general surgeon) in your home town. To avoid complications, you should follow your doctor’s instructions carefully.

You should always take it easy after surgery. Take a break and allow yourself to recover so that your wounds can heal quickly and optimally.



Upon payment of a fee, a chauffeur service to drive you safely to Prague Ruzyne airport can be booked for your day of departure.



Our services do not end after your treatment. We are of course also on hand to advise afterwards. After all, your surgery will bring a new meaning to your life and we’d love to share in your newfound happiness. We appreciate all feedback on your results as well as on our service and consultation quality. Please feel free to contact us via email or telephone should you have any suggestions for improvements – nobody is perfect! This will allow us to react to feedback, and to further enhance our level of service.

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