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About us

"Beauty is a fragile gift." Publius Ovidius Naso, Roman poet

Gone are the days in which humped noses, rounded hips and deep wrinkles were said to be your destiny. A growing number of people are taking advantage of the modern possibilities progress has brought to harmonise their outer appearance and self-perception.

Do you feel that your inner self contradicts your outer appearance?
Then why not take back those years to gain completely new self-esteem.
Adjust your ageing appearance to your ever-youthful mind.

Beautymax is the official representative of European specialist clinics of cosmetic surgery in UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Austria.

Beautymax offers a comprehensive range of procedures, which are performed by national and international specialists – for rates that are considerably more favourable than in England.

We support you in the decision-making process, and provide competent, individual, objective and confidential advice.

You can rely on us to do our very best to provide you with all the necessary information, and to support you in every phase of your cosmetic procedure.

Cosmetic surgery is a matter of trust …


Beautymax’s range of services for you

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