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Surgery contract/terms and conditions

View the contract and our terms and conditions here as a PDF. The form can be completed and emailed directly. Alternatively, it can be downloaded and printed out.


General Customer Information
In accordance with Beautymax’s terms and conditions, I hereby authorise Beautymax to arrange a binding appointment for me for surgery. Beautymax shall arrange an appointment with the surgeon/clinic of my choice stated below. I shall bear sole responsibility for the arrangement of dates, and for my medical operability and suitability for surgery. Beautymax shall liaise between the surgeon/clinic of my choice and, in their role exclusively as a mediator, shall specifically be excluded from liability for the medical performance of the surgeons and clinics mediated.
Contact Data
Chauffeur Service Prague Airport:
Doctors choice:
The surgeon:
Terms and conditions*
I am aware that all the information provided as well as any advice or recommendations provided by Beautymax are solely based on previous experiences with the cooperating specialists and clinics. All consultations and recommendations are of a general and informational nature, and cannot replace a specific, individual medical consultation.
Noted that:*
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Beautymax terms and conditions

  1. The company Beautymax shall act as a mediator between the patient and the following clinics:

    - Dr. Peter Ondrejka, Dr. Josef Kulhanek, Dr. Michael Puls – Private Clinic Prague1, Czech Republic
    - Dr. Andrea Musilova, Dr. Peter Chovan – Private Clinic Prague2, Czech Republic

  2. A written contract is concluded between Beautymax and the patient once a clinic has been selected, the completed and signed contract submitted, and the terms and conditions accepted.

  3. Patients must undergo a blood test and ECG to confirm their suitability for surgery. Blood work will be performed at the clinic and your suitability for surgery verified by one of the clinic's internal medicine specialists. The cost of this test is included in the price of your treatment.

  4. Appointments for local consultations and surgery shall be arranged and coordinated between the patient and doctor by Beautymax.

  5. Written confirmation of the contract includes confirmation of the surgical appointment and other travel information.

  6. Once the contract has been concluded, the patient shall transfer a down payment of UK£ 280 (€ 350) and within 14 days to the following account:


    Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822
    SWIFT code: HELADEF1822
    IBAN: DE52500502010200296833
    Reference: first and last name

  7. Cancellation

    1. The patient must provide written notice of cancellation.

    2. In the event of cancellation, the following cancellation fees shall apply:

    • If cancelling less than 30 days in advance: UK£ 280 (€ 350)
    • If cancelling up to 30 days in advance, the patient has the option of rescheduling their appointment within the next six months. In this case, the patient will not be charged a cancellation fee. In the event of unexcused absence, the patient shall be charged the down payment of UK£ 280 (€ 350) as a cancellation fee.

    3. Should the pre-operative check-up in the Czech Republic reveal that the patient is unable to  undergo surgery, or should the patient decide against the procedure for personal reasons, they will not be charged a cancellation fee. The patient will receive a full refund of the down payment.

    The patient will merely be charged UK£ 80 (€ 100) for the consultation.

  8. Beautymax shall only assume liability for contractually-agreed services.

  9. All information, advice and recommendations provided by Beautymax are solely based on previous experience with the cooperating specialists and clinics. Consultations and recommendations are of general and informational nature; they cannot replace a specific, individual medical consultation. Only the responsible surgeon can answer questions of a medical nature. Beautymax assumes no liability whatsoever for the medical performance of the surgeons and clinics recommended, or for the trip itself and accommodation.

  10. The invalidity of any of the provisions outlined above shall not affect the validity of the other provisions.

  11. The sole place of jurisdiction is Butzbach, Hesse, Germany.
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