Beautymax – Ihr Schönheitsmakler


The information outlined below will allow you to learn more about the booking procedure as well as the operation itself. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants should you have any further questions.

  • The booking procedure
    Plastic surgery should be considered at length and planned extremely carefully. Your desired result should be realistic, and you should aim for a natural enhancement that suits your overall appearance. Beautymax will support you on your journey, and provide competent, individual, objective and confidential advice.
    Further information on the booking procedure >>>
  • The cosmetic procedure
    During your first appointment with one of Beautymax’s consultants, you will be provided with basic information on the desired procedure, clinic and specialist, as well as about organisational matters.
    Every single client and conversation is treated personally, confidentially and competently.
    Our consultants are trained professionals, who know exactly what is important to you as a patient.
    Further information about the cosmetic procedure >>>
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