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Dr. Andrea Musilova


1988 – 1994 Graduated from the Medical Faculty, Charles University, Prague
1997 PhD in general surgery, University Clinic Prague
2005 PhD in plastic surgery – honours for outstanding achievements
2004 – 2005 Faculty Hospital of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Saint Anna, Brno
2004 – 2005 Clinic of Plastic and Hand Surgery, Vysoké nad Jizerou

Professional and practical experience

1994 – 1996 General surgeon, Department of Surgery, Na Micankach Clinic, Prague
1996 – 1998 General surgeon, Department of Surgery, Nová Ves pod Pleší
1998 – 2001 Plastic surgeon, burns unit, Královské Vinohrady University Hospital, Prague
1998 – 2001 Assistant professor, Medical Faculty, CharlesUniversity, Prague
since 2002 Plastic surgeon, Bulovka University Hospital, Prague
since 2005 Plastic surgeon, Medical Faculty, Department for Cardiac Surgery
since 2005 Plastic surgeon, Asklepion Private Clinic, Prague

Seminars and courses attended, residences abroad and congresses

1998 II. European Advanced Course in Plastic Surgery, Prague
2004 Seminar on breast reconstruction, Vienna
2007 International Master Course on Skin Ageing, Paris
2008 Certified course on Macrolane, Paris
2009 Symposium on Plastic Surgery, Munich

Active memberships

Dr. Andrea Musilova is one of the Czech Republic’s most renowned plastic surgeons. She has had a distinguished career to date.

As a plastic surgeon, she completed her PhD with honours. Dr. Musilova participates in national as well as international seminars and courses. She has also been on several study visits to Munich, Vienna and Paris.

She has undergone excellent training, and she always uses the latest operating techniques. Dr. Musilova is gradually developing her repertoire of techniques by regularly participating in seminars and workshops.

Since 2006 Dr. Musilova has practised at the Department of Plastic Surgery at the Asklepion Private Clinic, which is equipped with the latest medical technology.

Every year, Dr. Musilova treats around 500 patients, making her a very experienced specialist.
She performs about 150 liposuctions, 100 breast procedures, 100 tummy tucks, 100 facial procedures and about 50 other surgeries each year.

Dr. Musilova speaks perfect English, French, Czech and Russian. A German-speaking assistant will attend all consultations to ensure there are not any difficulties communicating.

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