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Private Clinic Prague2

Private Clinic Prague2

Situated at the heart of Prague, the Private Clinic counts among the largest, most modern facilities of its kind in the Czech Republic. Its success is based on the latest medical findings. The private clinics’s specialists are involved in research, develop new methods and technologies, teach at medical faculties, and organise national and international workshops.The latest scientific findings are combined with proven surgery techniques, allowing procedures to be conducted more gently.

The central location of the Private Clinic Prague2 enables easy access by car, train or plane.The clinic also performs aesthetic dental and dermal procedures (e.g. fractional laser, Vbeam, IPL laser) in addition to cosmetic surgery.

The Private Clinic Prague2 boasts three operating theatres fitted with laminar airflow to ensure perfectly pure air. Furthermore, the super-aseptic operating theatres are intended for operations under strictly sterile conditions.The operating theatres feature the latest medical equipment, allowing highly challenging procedures to be performed in the gentlest way possible.All operating theatres are fully air conditioned.

Range of procedures

Our specialists at Asklepion Private Clinic offer the following beauty procedures:

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